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Sittanda wins $50,000(USD) as AMAA 2007 Best Picture

Sittanda wins $50,000(USD) as AMAA 2007 Best Picture
The Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) stormed the city of Yenoga in Bayelsa state, penultimate Weekend with its annual award and recognition of Artists who have contributed in making the African film and movie industry a success. We at Weekend Triumph Entertainment are proud to be the first in the history of AMAA to report events as it happened.
Scriptwriters, Producers, Directors, Artists, Marketers and all those who are behind the scene of this industry have all known that much is being expected of them, as much has been given to them. The Oscars have helped improve the quality films coming out of Hollywood. AMAA has proven too that, its aims and objectives are to promote excellence, create awareness, create employment and encourage creativity and newer innovation in the African Movie Industry.
It was great to see artists from South Africa, Benin Republic, Burkina Faso, Ghana and a host of other African states gracing the event. We believe that the best is yet to come from this industry.
Among those nominated for the awards are:

Best Original Sound Track:
Best Sound:
Original Screenplay:
Achievement in Make-up:
Best Upcoming Artiste:
Ali Nuhu
Best Actress in a Supporting role:
Jackie Agyemani
Best Nigerian film irrespective of Language:
Achievement in Costume:
Best Visual Effect:
Snake Girl
Best performance by a Child:
Samuel Olaseinde (ABENI)
Best Edit:
Mokili (Burkina Faso)
Best Actor in a Supporting role:
Bruno Iwuoha ( Sins of the Flesh)
Special Achievement Award:
Aki and PawPaw
Best Documentary:
Conversation on a Sunday Afternoon (South Africa)
Best Actor in a lead role:
Olu Jacob ( Dancing Heart)
Best Actress in a lead role:
Chioma Chukwuka (Sins of the Flesh)
Best Director:
Izu Ojukwu
Best Picture:
Sittanda ( this Award wins along with $50.000)
At exactly 12.A.M 11th March 2007 the event was closed.
Some will argue that, favourtisim was put to play when selecting the winners among the nominees, some will argue too that the judges are biased. Well Weekend Triumph Entertainment is non biased, non partisan, so we will live that decision for you our esteemed readers to make.