Month: October 2018

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The full list of Winners at AMAA 2018

The full list of winners at AMAA 2018 Once again, the Nigerian movie industry has carted away with most of the awards at the Africa Movie Academy Awards 2018. The 14th edition of the award which was held in Kigali, Rwanda on Saturday, saw Nollywood with the highest win, with 12 awards in the 27

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Winners Of Africa Movie Academy Awards 2018

Winners Of Africa Movie Academy Awards 2018 1. EFERE OZAKO AMAA 2018 award for Best Short Film Dem Dem – Senegal/Belgium Zenith – Cameroun/USA It Rains on Ouga – Burkina Faso In Shadows – Kenya Coat of Harm – Nigeria Tikitat Soulima – Morocco (Winner) Nice, Very Nice – Algeria Visions (Shaitan, Buruja, Brood) – Nigeria